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Colorado Neuropsychological Consulting                    Stephen S. Kalat, Ph.D  

Assessment of Neurological Conditions:  

Your primary care physician or neurologist may request that you get a neuropsychological evaluation.  We offer evaluations of the individual's neurocognitive status due to concussion, mild traumatic brain injury, moderate to severe brain injury, memory loss, stroke, tumor, sleep apnea, cardiovascular conditions, hypoxic and anoxic injuries, hypertension, diabetes, and other medical conditions. Along with the assessment, we make recommendations for treatment.

Forensic Neuropsychological Services:  

Forensic Neuropsychological Services are available for both plaintiff and defense attorneys in personal injury cases. Neuropsychological services are also available for case consultations, divorce cases, fitness for duty evaluations, social service departments, disability insurance programs, and other legal matters.​

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